What is Estate Jewelry? Do you know the difference between it and Antique jewelry?

Think about it and see if you can tell me the difference.

The answer is:

Estate jewelry applies to anything that is pre-owned:

Period Jewelry such as Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco; Retro
Antique jewelry where the pieces are 100 years or more;
Modern estate jewelry referring  to pieces from the 1960’s to today.

The periods  can also overlap; the Art Nouveau period began around 1895 and ended around 1915, while Edwardian lasted from about 1901 to 1915.

Is jewelry made between 1916 and 2014 considered antique?                                                                                                                                                                                  -If you wait another two years, yes.  Right now, in 2014; no (as it is not 100 years old).

S0 – it  would therefore be good to know what the Periods were and when they were to truly know if they are considered ‘antique’:

Georgian Jewelry (1714–1837)
Early Victorian, romantic jewelry (1837–1855)
Mid-Victorian, grand jewelry (1856–1880)
Late Victorian, aesthetic jewelry (1885–1900)
Arts and crafts jewelry (1894–1923)
Edwardian jewelry (1901–1915)
Art Nouveau jewelry (1895–1915)
Art Deco jewelry (1915–1935)
Retro jewelry (1945–1960)
Art Organique jewelry (20th century )

Once you have digested  and hopefully memorized these periods and their dates, we will discuss the characteristics of each of the periods in upcoming blogs.

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