Lets Go Shopping for a Gemstone to Put into a Ring

When we see a gemstone we like, most of us ask how many carats it is.
Wrong question.

It is very important to consider the size of the top of the stone (the face).
Some stones are cut much deeper and the top size is smaller.  So
you could have two stones that are the same carat weight and that
look very different in terms of their size: Looking at them side by side,
one could look big across the top and have a shallow setting in the ring
and the other could appear much smaller on top and be much deeper
into the ring’s setting.

So  size is far more important than the carat weight in terms of
appearance since it measures the actual physical size of the gem.

Sure you want to know the carat weight (because everyone usually asks)
but, aside from the color and quality of the stone itself,  it is really the
millimeter size that you and your friends will actually see and admire
when you’re out on the town sporting your gorgeous new gemstone ring.



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