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In 1899, in an edition of Punch magazine that offered a look at the “coming century,” a man walked into a government office and asked “isn’t there a clerk who can examine patents?” A boy replied “Quite unnecessary, Sir. Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Its a good thing we didn’t listen to him. Innovation and creativity go hand in hand and helped to build the American dream. Innovation represents a mindset of creativity and thinking outside the box.

I grew up in America at a time when innovation was all around me. Everyday there was something new I saw or read about: some things were very BIG like: TV ‘s in our living rooms, Air conditioning, the Internet, Rocketry, Nuclear Fission, and others were less big, but ‘everyday life changing’ like hair perms, zippers, magnetic closures for jewelry and purses, faux fur materials, botox, bathing suits you could tan through, contact lens, digital watches……

You are probably wondering, “What does all this have to do with jewelry?”

Jewelry today is being made differently because of patented technology. Labs are enhancing gems and creating new colors: change is everywhere. At one time, the lapidary techniques for slicing gems didn’t exist but, once they were developed, the jewelry industry took full advantage of the innovation.

Designers are using sliced diamonds and colored stones more creatively every season. We are designing with Cad computers and laser welding. We are able to do things we could only imagine 20 years ago.

So – to the notion that everything that can be invented in jewelry and jewelry design has been already thought of …….I don’t think so…….and its going to be a fun path to explore in my future posts.

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